Mxit Reach launches matric revision app to help learners ace exams


The recently-launched Ukufunda Learner app has expanded to offer study guides, revision tools and more, to help South African matrics ace their final exams. The content is all free, and accessed via a mobile phone, giving learners the edge they need.


Built by Mxit Reach, the Maths Testing Tool is accessed through the new Ukufunda Learner app on Mxit, and is a self-testing tool that focuses on functions; sequences and series; probability; finance; statistics, and algebra.  Learners can can do simple exercises to train and improve their skills, and then test their knowledge.


Plenty of additional resources are added to help leaners. Included in the matric revision features in the Ukufunda Learner app are previous exam papers and study tips.


One of the key benefits that goes beyond pure revision content, is focusing on the learner themselves. A one-on-one counselling service is therefore provided by Childline that will give learners access to debrief and unpack all the stress pre- and post-exam.


Mxit Reach’s Head of Educational Programmes, Lea-Anne Moses-Magerman says: “Many learners receive very little guidance and support pre-, during and even after exams. To address this, we've created a special hub within Ukufunda that aggregates all the revision tips, past question papers, testing tools and even counselling services aimed at matriculants.”


To help matrics further prepare, the Ukufunda Learner app offers a wide variety of study tools, located in its ‘My Educational Resources’ link, inlcuding:

  • Career Xplora: Career guidance counselling app,
  • FunDza: free ereader app with over 500 locally-written stories, blogs and articles,
  • Magic Tables: an app to help learners strengthen their basic maths skills in a fun and engaging way,
  • Mindset Learn Xtra: revision and exercises for accounting, geography, life sciences, maths, maths literacy and physics, 
  • MobiSchool: video tutoring on accounting, English first additional language, life sciences, maths and physics,
  • Oxford Word of the Day: daily words and their meanings to increase and improve viocabulary and spelling skills,


To get ahead, download Mxit for free at on your mobile phone’s browser and go to Apps to add Ukufunda Learner quickly and easily.


Ukufunda was developed by Mxit Reach in partnership UNICEF and the Department of Basic Education.



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About Mxit Reach:

Mxit Reach aims to inspire and improve lives through the development of innovative and cost-effective solutions using the power of the Mxit platform. Mxit Reach and its partners offer a broad range of educational, health and counseling services. Every month over 1.5 million South Africans utilise Mxit Reach services.


About Mxit:

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