Pumi Sithole
8 years ago

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Executive Head: CSO
I have started my career as a teacher and have continued that passion in the private sector. I have been in the ICT industry for the last 4 years. In my current job, I have designed various projects that are strategic to our business such as:
The Neotel Academy - is very strategic to the business, due to the delivery of ICT skills requirements. The leadership role is played through influencing of the ICT skills development arena (particularly by developing a higher level accredited course) and is further leveraged through interfacing with various industry players (SETAs, FETs) etc.
ICT centres of excellence in FET colleges, schools or clinics projects. These are set up in FETs, with a view to establishing centres of excellence that are able to make good use of ICT once connectivity is in place. The college or school can then become a ‘hub’ and service other institutions in the area by opening facilities to them or outreach services.


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